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We are about to show you a variety of unique and personal items that you will want for yourself and as gifts for others. You will be able to view many different printouts including poems, cartoons, coat of arms, last name origins, meanings of first names, birthday chronicles, astrology and even Egyptian hieroglyphics. You will be able to choose from a vast selection of background paper for most of the printouts.


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First Names Choose any name and we will provide you with the origin and meaning of your name as well many personality traits. Available in English & Spanish.
Available on any background paper you prefer.

Dual Names Choose any two names and we can print both on the same paper. Both names will have its' origin and meaning as well as personality traits.
Available in English & Spanish.
Coat of Arms Using your last name, we are able to reproduce a coat of arms on parchment paper.
Birthday Chronicle Using any date that you choose, we can provide you with a replica  newspaper of the day you were born. Aged parchment paper is used   as a background and the newspaper contains your birth announcement,  articles of historical events of that year and other notable births..
Poems Choose from a variety poems about family, events and prayers. We can personalize the printout to include the name of the recipient and sender. 
Available on any background paper you prefer. Go to Poems Page
Cartoons Choose from a variety of cartoons from professions to hobbies to special events. Each one can be personalized and will be printed on white glossy paper. Makes great gifts for family, friends and co-workers.
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Last Name Origins Printed on scroll paper, you will learn the origin of your family's last name. 
Egyptian Hyroglyphic Using any provided, we can give you a letter for letter translation in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. All are printed on parchment paper and you have the option of having it written in English or Spanish.
Sands of Time We take any date in history (birthday anniversary, graduation, etc.) and you will learn other historical events that occurred on that same date in 25 other various years. Included it will state your special event.
Amazing Astology If you love astrology, you will be amazed by these printouts. Included with your name and birthdate, you will also receive zodiac iinformation such as your sign, characteristics, ruling planet, virtues, lucky numbers and other notable births.